Sunday, July 21, 2002


I find it extremely interesting that Glenn's traffic figures (thanks for making them public!) are so heavily weighted towards both weekdays and working hours. The last chart on this page shows that his weekday traffic is about twice as high per day as his weekend traffic. And the next-to-last chart on the same page shows that his traffic picks up at about 7 am, peaks between 2 and 3 pm, and then declines the rest of the day.

So it would seem that most people are reading Glenn's site at work, not at home. (Unless he has a lot of readers who work the night shift and weekends, that is.) I wonder a few things:

1. To what extent are his numbers representative of web traffic in general? (There's probably no way to know such a thing, given that it appears to be hard enough to get individual web pages to report honest traffic numbers.)

2. What do these figures imply about the effect workplace computers have on productivity?

3. Why don't as many people read stuff on the weekends? That's the one time when they wouldn't have to worry about their boss peering over their shoulders. Because of slower connections at home? Well, it doesn't take a T3 line to download Glenn's page or any other news-related page. What's going on here?


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