Thursday, August 15, 2002

Jane Galt refers to Clinton's propensity to cheat at golf. I have a little story about that.

It was the summer of 1993 or 94, I can't remember which. I was home in Arkansas for the summer, and was working out at a gym in Rogers with a good friend of mine, Phil. Phil's parents lived out on a swanky golf course near Rogers.

I had heard that Clinton was in the area visiting some old (and rich) friends of his. (The Blairs, I think.) Well, while Phil and I were working out, the lady who ran the gym came up and told Phil he had a phone call. Phil came back a few seconds later and said, "Hey, let's go to my house. Clinton is playing on our course."

So we drove over to his house, about 5 minutes away. A few police cars lined the road leading up to the golf course, but that was about it. Not much security, apparently, when the presidential visit is unpublicized. The random (and frightening) thought occurred to me that it's true what they say: Anyone who really, really wanted to assassinate the President could do it, especially if he were able to strike during one of these unannounced visits.

Anyway, we arrived just in time to stand on Phil's front lawn and watch Clinton play just a few dozen yards away.

He cheated.

Or, perhaps more appropriately, he had someone else cheat for him. He had hit the ball in an attempt to get it onto the green, but it fell short. As he chatted with his friends, someone who appeared to be one of his aides bent over and tossed Clinton's ball onto the green, much closer to the hole. Phil and I both got a huge kick out of it.

Sometimes when I say I'm from Arkansas, people ask, usually with a devilish grin, if I knew Clinton. Well, there you go. That's my Clinton story.


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