Monday, August 12, 2002

Things that irritate me:

Morning radio talk shows. I have about 5 radio stations that are preprogrammed on my car's radio. At most times of the day, they play music that I enjoy listening to, for the most part. But in the morning as I drive to work, at any point in time the chances are about 90% that all 5 of them will be playing not music, but one of those morning talk shows. You know the kind, with several hosts who all seem to be in college and whose idea of entertainment is to engage in juvenile and trivial banter over whatever comes into their heads.

This isn't just a Dallas phenomenon. It was the same way in DC, and in the Atlanta area when I lived there, which leads me to assume that other cities have the same problem.

Why do all the pop/rock radio stations do this? What is it about the morning hours that makes radio stations think no one wants to listen to any music and that everyone wants to hear goofy adolescent chatter instead? Why doesn't just one radio station buck the trend?


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