Saturday, December 21, 2002

Brad DeLong goes off the deep end again:
A Question That Has No Good Answer
Why does our President--the child of two yankees--have a brother named after Confederate cavalry general J.E.B. Stuart, a guy who would round up free Blacks during Confederate invasions of Maryland, ship them back to Virginia, and sell them as slaves?

Posted by DeLong at 09:42 AM
By all appearances (see the comments on his post), DeLong means this seriously, although there is not the slightest shred of evidence that George and Barbara Bush came up with the nickname "Jeb" as a means of honoring Jeb Stuart. Apparently, if someone happens to share the same name as a repulsive historical figure, that is enough for DeLong -- it must be a deliberate attempt to honor the historical figure.

Assuming that DeLong has any intellectual consistency, here's another equally insightful post for him to consider putting on his blog: [tone of horror]"Why does an Orthodox Jew -- Joseph Lieberman -- share the same name as Josef Stalin, that notorious mass murderer?"[/tone of horror]


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