Saturday, March 15, 2003

I was excited to get the email bulletin that the Review of Network Economics has another issue online. And sure enough, it looks like there are several interesting articles. There one titled "Traffic Jam on the Music Highway: Is it a Reproduction or a Performance?," and then there are two articles (here and here) disputing over whether and to what extent firms have incentives to create inter-operable products so as to reduce endogenous switching costs (in English, for example, whether one video game manufacturer has any incentive to make its video games operable on other manufacturers' consoles, or whether it will attempt to lock customers in to its own products).

Finally, there's a book review of a new book: "Cost Proxy Models and Telecommunications Policy, by four of the leading scholars of network industries and natural monopolies (Farid Gasmi, D. Mark Kennet, William W. Sharkey, Jean-Jacques Laffont). I'm definitely going to have to get that one.


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