Thursday, September 11, 2003

FCC's Powell Takes Aim at His Critics

More common sense from Michael Powell:
A federal appeals court temporarily blocked the rules from taking effect last week, and lawmakers are moving to overturn the most controversial change, which raised to 45% from 35% the portion of U.S. households a TV broadcaster may reach.

'The enormous energy in this debate is somewhat odd,' Powell said. 'Is TV really going to be improved? Is democracy's survival really lying between 35% and 45%?'

Powell suggested that opponents of his reforms — from the National Rifle Assn. to antiwar demonstrators — are motivated by a desire to see their own viewpoints better reflected on television and in the media.

'Beware ownership rules serving as a stalking horse for viewpoint discrimination,' Powell said. 'Are we really talking about concentration? Are we really talking about diversity? Or are we talking about the fundamental bias in the media? People love a monopoly if it's your monopoly, if it happens to share the views you share.'


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