Friday, June 11, 2004


An OpinionJournal author explains why she took up homeschooling:
As anti-Christian and officially godless as Baptists would find the excellently rated, wealthy and very white public elementary school in Montgomery County, Md., that my daughters attended last year, it eventually inspired in me a deep and abiding faith: I came to believe there was no way on, er, God's green earth that I could possibly teach my girls less than they learned in that school.
She cites a Department of Education survey that showed that nearly 49% of parents listed a "better education" as their chief reason for homeschooling. That was my parents' motivation: They sent me to public kindergarten, but found that a kid who regularly used words like "paleontology" didn't quite fit in. I still remember that one day the teacher lectured the class on how the letter "Q" was always followed by the letter "U." I remember thinking that she was wrong, because I had seen the article on "Qatar" while reading through the encyclopedia. In any event, homeschooling it was.



Blogger J Bowen said...

No such luck for me. I made the mistake of referring to King Arthur's sword Excalibur in second grade in some English assignment, and the teacher actually ridiculed it. She hadn't heard of it. And this was an old bird too.

Now as it turns out I'm living temporarily in Montgomery County. Let me tell you, anything they could be lacking in the schools isn't due to undertaxation. It's probably the richest county in MD, just northwest of DC, and it contains towns like Bethesda, Chevy Chase and Rockville. But it probably houses too many liberal govt parasites for its own good.

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