Thursday, December 09, 2004

Senator Reid and Justice Thomas

Even a "staunch critic" of conservative jurisprudence admits that Senator Reid's comment about Justice Thomas was absurd:
Obviously, my readers know that I'm a fairly staunch critic of conservative judicial theories and judges, but I think Thomas has been the recipient of unduly harsh treatment. And that treatment has little, if anything, to do with his performance on the Supreme Court. If anything, Thomas is more consistent than Scalia or Rehnquist, his conservative colleagues on the court. And the fact is that Thomas, even where I disagree with him (and I usually do), has proven to be a much better legal thinker than some of his detractors would have you think. I happen to be one of those detractors, but I'll criticize him in more specific and substantive ways when need be. To call him an embarrassment to the court is just ridiculous rhetoric and is not the sort of thing a Senate leader should be saying.


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