Monday, January 17, 2005

Cert. Petition

Early last week, there was a petition for certiorari filed at the United States Supreme Court. The cert. petition was written by my good friend and classmate Mark Rienzi (who clerked for Judge Stephen Williams the year after me), Ed DuMont (a partner at Mark's firm, and a former Assistant Solicitor General), and me. Noted Supreme Court practitioner Tom Goldstein graciously had the cert. petition posted at his Supreme Court blog, where you can read the as-filed PDF version, if you're so inclined. The case involves a First Amendment challenge to a Massachusetts buffer zone law. The First Circuit's decision can be found here.

Stuart Buck


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good work.

So, what happens when the odds improve for the next term? (A more favorable line-up on the court is expected later in '05. I'm imaging a McConnell, for example, would be more receptive to this claim than Rehnquist. And--who knows?--perhaps O'Connor will leave, despite every indication that she won't leave just yet, and be replaced by, say, Roberts. I mean this in a half-joking way. I'm firmly convinced--though I know you can't publicly agree, at this point--that there's absolutely no end to the lengths that 5 members of the Court will go in protection of their abortion jurisprudence from criticism. That's a goal they apparently share with some panels on the 3rd circuit.

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