Monday, January 31, 2005


My friend who works in anesthesiology for the Army just sent an email about the election day:
I took care of a 22 year old female who had received a blast injury from a polling station. Apparently, she was very excited to vote, and even convinced her parents that this was their civic duty. Though reluctant, they followed their daughter's lead and went out to vote. I don't know if they got hit by a mortar, suicide bomber, or IED. Sadly, her mother died, and her father also had surgery, but will do fine. The gal sustained an injury to both legs, as well as a blast wound to the neck which communicated with the back of her throat. At the time of surgery, she had not yet learned her mother's fate. I salute these 3 courageous Iraqis, who did not take the gift of freedom lightly, but gave all they had for it. It really brings home how fortunate we are in America.
Stuart Buck


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