Monday, October 10, 2005

Father Neuhaus

I speculated over 3 years ago that Father Richard Neuhaus of First Things magazine was the first blogger, albeit in print form. Well, now Neuhaus has a real blog. In this post he writes of an upcoming article by Scalia:
You don’t want to miss Justice Scalia’s essay in the November issue occasioned by Steven Smith’s new book Law’s Quandary. I have great respect for Prof. Smith. He has written for FIRST THINGS and has the courage and intelligence to address the big questions, such as the moral legitimacy that gives laws the status of being “the law.” At the same time, Scalia makes a persuasive case that the answer to such big questions is not so elusive as Smith seems to think. But you’ll want to read the Scalia essay for yourself.
I've always liked the writings of Steven Smith; I can't wait to see what Scalia has to say.


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