Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Nigerian email

I hadn't seen a Nigerian scam email with such a heavily Christian focus before:
No.35 Johnson street,

Dear in Christ,

There is joy in my heart that I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and
personal Saviour,now I am born again.Having received Christ,I also found
out that it is a great priviledge to be a financial pillar in the Kingdom
of God.Even though I was in the world or acquired my wealth when I was in
the world but I have known the truth and the truth have set me free.Now
that I am in christ and christ is in me,old things are past away and all
things become new.

During my prayers and deliverance moment,the Lord ministered to me to
purify my wealth and give it out to a ministry for the expansion of the
Kingdom of God for his name to be glorified.I am in search of a faithful
and dedicated christain or ministry with great urge to work for God with
my wealth.

It is very difficult to work for God faithfully and honestly mostly when
it involves money because the love of money is the root of all evil.Do not
be carried away,I will like you to pray over it before responding to me.
When I receive your response,I will tell my testimony,I will tell you more
about myself,I will tell you about the fund and how you are going to
receive it. If you find yourself worthy to utilise the fund,let me have
your full names,address and your telephone numbers. myalternative email
address is( security reasons.

May God bless you as I await your response.


Brother Michael Okechi.
Nice touch, referring to the love of money as the root of evil.


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