Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Even more on "Scalito"

From the Washington Post:
The real Sam Alito, according to the lawyers and other friends who know him well, is more like the second coming of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., but with a longer paper trail. They describe Alito as a studious, diligent, scholarly judge with a first-rate mind and a deadpan sense of humor, a neutral arbiter who does not let personal beliefs affect his legal judgments.

They say he inherited a commitment to unbiased professionalism from his father, who served as the New Jersey legislature's nonpartisan research director for a quarter century. They don't know anyone who isn't a journalist who actually calls him "Scalito."
And yet journalists always attribute the term to other people. Very odd.


Blogger Brett said...

SOP; A lot of the unattributed references in news stories are just reporters telling each other stories so that they can each claim they heard it from somebody else. Like a cop sending his partner to make a call from a pay phone, so he can act on a call from an "anoymous informant".

Watch out when they won't say who said something. Its usually because the story would suffer if you knew.

12:18 AM  

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