Thursday, December 15, 2005

Scrambled Eggs

I always liked my grandpa's version of scrambled eggs, which is much different than Jane Galt's recipe here:

1. Cook some bacon in a frying pan.

2. When it's done, leave enough bacon grease in the pan to coat the bottom.

3. Crack the eggs and drop in the pan.

4. Don't stir it all up, as if the eggs have to be pureed or something. Let it sit for a bit to let the whites start to harden.

5. Then scramble. But not too much. Just enough to keep the bottom from sticking.

6. Add a bunch of salt and pepper.

The bacon grease makes it especially yummy, although I rarely use it (too lazy to cook bacon). What I like: The eggs have some texture, some variation between the bits that have more white and the bits that have more yolk. It's not just one solid and indistinguishable mass of yellowish stuff.

But tastes obviously differ.


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