Friday, May 12, 2006

The Narnia movie

Tilda Swinton, who played the White Witch in the Narnia movie, is at it again:
Speaking about The Chronicles of Narnia, which in the run-up to its release was given a huge push by the Church, Swinton said: . . . "At least we made her whiter than white, the ultimate white supremacist, and we managed to railroad the knee-jerk attempt to make her look like an Arab."
I find this simply unbelievable. Who would have ever suggested that the "White Witch" should "look like an Arab"?


Blogger anomdebus said...

Not to mention how ineffective it would most likely have been.
What would they have done, given her a turban, abaya or burka?

I did find this earlier interview which does not mention that plans, only that it was traditional to use an Arab or Jew as a bad guy.
From here:
How did you come up with the White Witch’s look?

The entire look – we started talking about it six months before the shooting. She needs to be iconic. I worked closely with costume designer. I thought it was a way to break Hollywood tradition of giving generations of children villains that were dark. I thought that it was an opportunity to shake that up. Because apart from anything else, I thought that it wasn’t responsibly now for a globally distributed American film to give a villain that wasn’t either Arab or Jewish. I thought it was historical accurate—even thought this is a fantasy film –it’s also a historical film because these are Second World War children and their father is away fighting Nazis in Europe in the Forties. If anything I thought the epitome of all evil should would be Arian, Nazi and White Supremacist. So I thought if anything, she be super white. I wanted her to look like a creature. I didn’t want her to look like a woman with makeup. And her hair, I wanted her hair to look like roots – for her to look like she was part of the land. Her crown was made of ice and melt with the waning of her powers.

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