Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Season Finale of 24

Don't read this unless you want to read spoilers about 24's season finale last night.

24 is always suspenseful and entertaining. But last night's finale had several plot holes that made no sense.

1. In one scene, Chloe asks for permission to bring in her ex-husband Morris, who sells shoes. In the next scene, he's already at CTU wearing a badge. How'd that happen so quickly?

2. In a previous episode, there were F-18 jets ready to shoot down a plane that Jack Bauer was on. That is, they were very near Jack Bauer at that moment. In this episode, Jack Bauer is somehow able to *drive* to the site of a Russian sub, while the F-18s are supposedly more than 20 minutes away. Given that F-18s can fly at more than a thousand miles per hour, how was it that Jack Bauer could drive somewhere outside their range?

3. At the end, Chinese agents capture and kidnap Jack Bauer. A) How did they even know he was still alive? B) How did they deploy a team to kidnap him so quickly, and how did they know where he was? They couldn't have known that he would be under arrest at that particular place.

All of that said, last night's episode didn't quite equal the king of all plot holes from this season of 24: The episode where it is revealed that the First Lady's assistant -- Evelyn -- somehow managed to record a private phone conversation between the President and Henderson (how on earth?!? and why would she believe she had reason to tap the President's phone, even if she knew how?), and then deposited the tape recording in a safety deposit box at a local bank (how did she find time to do this on such a chaotic day?).


Blogger Chris said...

I agree about Morris--too fast. Maybe Chloe had him waiting in the wings, but calling him and getting him out of bed &c. that quickly was a bit implausible. But not so unusual for 24-land.

The F-18s threatening to shoot down the plane landed hours before. And Bauer was in a helicopter getting to the sub, I think. He was already there when the 20-minutes-away comment was made.

I thought it was implicit that Logan tipped off the Chinese. I took that to be the import of his statement to Dr. Romano that Bauer would be taken care of.

5:29 PM  
Blogger Stuart Buck said...

But didn't the F-18s make a remarkably quick appearance in that earlier episode where they were going to shoot down Jack's plane? They had to have been stationed nearby. But for them to have been 20 minutes away would mean something like a few hundred miles, wouldn't it?

Very good point about Logan having tipped off the Chinese. That seems like the best explanation.

7:57 PM  

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