Thursday, September 28, 2006

Two-Term Presidents

I recently asked what's up with Presidents constantly getting into trouble during their sixth year in office. Turns out that someone has just published an article on American Heritage about that very question, taking into account all 20 two-term Presidents.


Blogger Bill said...

Kinda superficial, isn't it? Where's the analysis? Really, it amounts to little more than a gloss on your original question. I'm not a good enough student of history to know the answer in each of the applicable cases, but there is certainly an element of arrogance involved in the second term presidencies I've lived through-- and in no instance is it more apparent than in the current one. Bush reckoned he had a mandate in 2000-- when he actually had a (slim) majority he figured he was king of the world. Only Nixon was more arrogant in my lifetime. Hard to believe that there could be a worse president, but Bush makes me yearn for old Tricky.

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