Monday, November 06, 2006


Will Baude passes along the message that his old website -- at -- has been effectively stolen out from under him, and that his blog is now at crescatsententia.NET. Here's his email:
We have moved Crescat to Would you mind
updating the link in your blogroll at your earliest possible
convenience? If you'd be willing to post an announcement on your blog
itself, we'd greatly appreciate it as well, but I understand if you
aren't willing to.

Last month, without my knowledge or consent, was
purchased by a Search Engine Optimization firm, which makes money by
buying up popular sites (especially those with high Google pageranks)
and then selling links to websites looking to boost their search terms.
The new purchaser offered to sell back the blog for several thousand
dollars-- more than I can afford-- so we have moved shop. This means
that I can't post an announcement on the old blog about the move, so we
are reliant upon word of mouth to tell our readers what has become of
us. (Changing over the links on your blogroll as soon as possible also
decreases the amount that the abandoned site can be used to mislead
Google and other search engines.)


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