Sunday, May 06, 2007

More Good Albums

More good albums that I've gotten in the past year or so:

1. The Corrs' "Home." I've like the Corrs ever since their first album came out in 1995, but most of their albums in the intervening years have sounded too much like generic pop music to me. With this album, they finally return to their Irish roots, with a bunch of traditional Irish songs. I think this is my favorite Corrs album now.

2. Sting's "Songs of the Labyrinth. This is an unusual album for Sting: He's singing songs by the English composer John Dowland, accompanied by lute. I admit that Sting's voice, while fairly good for a pop singer, doesn't have nearly the tonal quality and control that one would get from a classical singer, but I've always liked Sting.

3. This isn't really one album: Via Tyler Cowen, a 150-CD set of Bach's complete works. Not all of the works are performed by big names, but at an overall price of just $107.97, this still seems too good to be true. It makes me remember all the many, many hours that I spent as a college freshman in the University of Georgia music library, laboriously copying LPs of Bach onto cassette tapes that I could take home. Now the entire Bach oeuvre is right in my living room. Wow.


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