Saturday, June 07, 2008

4-Year-Old Fitness

I occasionally do Tabata burpees in my living room. My adopted son, who just turned 4 a few weeks ago, is very impressed with burpees, and he does them all the time (seriously -- my parents were keeping him the other night, and he must have done 50). I caught him on film this morning:

His form obviously isn't perfect, but that will come.

I also got him on film doing kneeling jumps. I showed him this once, and he immediately caught on. (For some reason he thinks that he has to return to the kneeling position by jumping as well.)

I don't pressure him at all to do this kind of stuff. He just sees me do it and then does it on his own obsessively. He's going to be the fittest 4-year-old ever. ;)


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