Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fake Ad

Another fake ad, with a heavy debt to Dr. Boli:
Homeopathic Education

Doctors of homeopathy believe that a sick person can be treated if he ingests a drug or toxin that would produce the same symptoms as the sickness itself. But first, the doctor must dilute the drug or toxin numerous times, such that the toxic effect is removed while (for reasons too obvious to state) the healthful qualities are retained by the water or alcohol in which the dilution occurred.

At long last, Dr. Grumply and Associates -- all of whom are eminent experimental educators -- have come up with a curriculum based on these sound medical principles. It begins with the simple notion that all education aims at avoiding error. Based on homeopathic principles, erroneous propositions must be diluted many times over by interspersing them with nonsense words or syllables. The result will be a book that eliminates all error in the relevant subject.

For example, our new 3rd grade math book consists of 200 pages of nonsense words, along with the proposition 2 + 2 = 5 somewhere in the middle. We predict that, using this math book, 3rd graders will successfully learn the entire traditional math curriculum with a minimum of effort.

Order Dr. Grumply's curriculum today, and you will be the earliest adopter (even ahead of California). Dr. Grumply's Homeopathic Curriculum, PO Box 1492, Asparagus, ND 70564.


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