Monday, July 14, 2008

Dead, Toothless Sharks Found On Rural Road

That's the headline of a news article from Georgia today:
GRIFFIN, Ga. -- State wildlife officials will try to learn Monday how a pile of dead sharks wound up on a rural Spalding County road.

Drivers spotted the six sharks Sunday afternoon on the side of Minter Road near Griffin. Wildlife officials said it appears the sharks died recently.

* * *

Officials said they noticed something unusual about the sharks. Each of the six sharks had all of their teeth removed. Whoever killed the sharks had to break the animals’ jaws to get the teeth.

"That is very strange, very strange. I can’t even imagine how they would have ended up there,” said resident Terry Becker.

* * *

"The fact that they're wasting all that meat and they're not using them for anything, I don't know if that's legal," [a local resident] said.
I imagine that killing and dumping sharks on a public road might be illegal for quite a few reasons, but the fact that it's a waste of good meat hadn't occurred to me.


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