Friday, September 05, 2008

Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan is scraping the bottom of the barrel with his reflexive opposition to Sarah Palin. He spent much time flogging the rumor that Palin's fifth child was really her grandchild. Even after that rumor had been shown to be biologically impossible (given that Palin's daughter is 5 months pregnant right now, and pregnancies generally don't overlap), Sullivan nonetheless demanded (more than once) that Palin disprove the rumor by releasing her gynecological records. Then Sullivan gave credence to the obviously incorrect theory that Palin had named two of her daughters after television witches. He then criticized the Palin family three times in a single post for letting different family members hold the baby at the convention (I can only assume that Sullivan has never held a baby for any length of time, because they get heavy in one's arms.)

Today, Sullivan adds to his list of off-the-wall criticisms:
Family Values Update:

Is the party of traditional marriage aware that the vice-presidential nominee actually eloped with her now-husband?
Am I missing something here? Is there an anti-elopement movement out there somewhere?

UPDATE: Then there's this, also from today:
There isn't much evidence in her term as governor of any major Christianist initiatives or appeals - unless you count her family's bizarre personal life.
How is her family's personal life either 1) "bizarre" or 2) a "major Christianist initiative[]"? That doesn't even make sense.

UPDATE TWO: After three blog posts pointing out that a former business partner of Palin's husband had filed to have his divorce proceeding sealed (the insinuation being that he was trying to hide evidence of an affair with Sarah Palin), Sullivan had to backtrack once it turned out that the guy had just wanted to protect his privacy from nosy journalists. Alaskans are bizarre that way.


Blogger TurbineGuy said...

It's amazing to see Andrew Sullivan talk himself into irrelevancy. On the short term, he might be getting hits, but his shrill comments will eventually get old. I don't even know why he pretends to be Republican anymore.

10:57 PM  
Blogger David Nieporent said...

Am I missing something here? Is there an anti-elopement movement out there somewhere?

I too was mystified by this one to start with -- but I think it's supposed to be an insinuation that she was already pregnant when she got married.

8:43 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

You may not think her life or her family strange but there is a large body of people out there, to whom Sullivan appeals, who do think she and her family are strange.

This is not to justify his comments, which I have not read (because I find him a dull writer) but to plead ignorance as to what Sullivan is complaining about seems, on its face, ludicrous. Lots of people have a problem with Palin. You clearly do not.

Bully for you.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Mitch H. said...

Is the Blogger of Apnea aware that Gov. Lingle pointed out the elopement thing in her speech introducing Palin to the Republican convention? She made a joke of it by claiming it demonstrated the Palins' frugality by avoiding the costs of a lavish church wedding.

Hell, I laughed.

9:31 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

What a moron. I was 18 and unmarried when I got pregnant. I was engaged, but still. I know it wasn't "right", but it was not my PARENTS' fault!

Thank goodness my mom wasn't running for vice president back then! (LOL)

His accusations are completely nutty! Seems to me like he likes to assume, and you know what assuming makes one... :)

12:38 PM  

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