Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Jersey ≠ Arkansas

There has been some controversy over a video from a New Jersey school wherein third graders were led in chants of praise to Barack Obama. The New Jersey school is named B. Bernice Young Elementary, which is quite similar in name to Bernice Young Elementary in my Arkansas hometown. Unfortunately some people aren't quite able to figure out the difference between New Jersey and Arkansas:
Officials at an elementary school in northwest Arkansas say they're getting angry calls over a You Tube video by students at a New Jersey school with a similar name.

Bernice Young Elementary School in Springdale is getting calls from across the nation and Canada from people mad about students shown singing about President Barack Obama. Principal Debbie Flora says the callers claim the school is teaching political opinion and that some "did not use very kind language."
. . .

Flora says that, so far, she has received no calls from Arkansas.
As a public service announcement, I would like to remind Americans and Canadians that New Jersey ≠ Arkansas.


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