Sunday, December 05, 2010

Tax Disclosures

Sherman Dorn says the following:
There are legitimate criticisms I find of teachers unions, but then there are regular examples of foolish, illogical digs. . . .

Fordham's Chris Irvine tries to take a flying (or Flypaper) dig at various NEA expenditures, forgetting that the reason why he has access to this information is that union expenditures are reported publicly. Does Fordham report all of its staff salaries? What is the position of Fordham (or the anti-union source of the information) on disclosure of corporate campaign contributions? Hmmn…
The Fordham Foundation is required under section 501(c)(3) to file Form 990s with the IRS. Here's the 990-PF form for 2008, where you can see what the top employees, the directors, and even independent contractors at Fordham earned that year.


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