Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New music

1. The great Arkansas band Deas Vail returns with more melodic rock that truly deserves the term "beautiful." Their new EP "The Side Effect" is available here.

This is a band that deserves way more attention than it has gotten -- in terms of creating memorable songs with enthralling vocals, they're better than Coldplay, Keane, etc. In this song, the chorus explodes with surprising harmonies between the lead vocalist Wes Blaylock and his wife Laura.


2. An 80s flavor: Zulu Winter, "Silver Tongue."  This is from the London-based band's first album, which just came out in June.


 3. More dance-oriented and electronic than my usual fare, but this guy Matthew Koma has an interesting voice and this song was catchy:

 Zedd featuring Matthew Koma, "Spectrum."

 4. Same comment, more from the same vocalist:

 Alesso featuring Matthew Koma, "Years."


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