Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Just Google it | The Modern Miss

Just Google it | The Modern Miss:

"If your flatmate asked for help in locating a green sweater that she had somehow misplaced, you’d be able to help her look for it in a genuinely useful way. You know what a sweater is, you know what green is, and you know where it’s likely to be, or at least, you know where it’s highly unlikely to be – it won’t fit into the butter dish, for example.
But what if she asked you to help find her almposh?* It’s a bit harder to help, as you don’t know what it is. Is it edible? Soft? Hard? Large? Small? Will it fit into an envelope? Could it have slipped down the drain? What colour is it? What does it do? How will you know you’ve found it, if you don’t know what it is?
You have good finding skills, but you lack the knowledge of what you’re meant to be finding. The only way to be sure, is to present every item to your flatmate, in the hope that it’s what she’s looking for. It’s going to be a long, frustrating search."

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