Friday, December 13, 2002

The GOP's Clinton

I'm incensed that Lott won't step down. He should have said, "Our country must achieve equal justice for all Americans. I hold this principle in the highest regard. Unfortunately, my recent statements have led many to question my commitment to this ideal. I understand why people interpreted my words the way they did. I'm shamed every time I hear those words, uttered from my own lips. But those words do not reflect my values. I embrace the universal equality of all mankind, and am proud that America has come so far in moving toward her founding ideal. All men are created equal. America must continue to strive toward that promise. Though I will continue to work for this goal, my comments have lost me the confidence of too many people. I am therefore stepping down as majority leader of the United States Senate. America's principles are much more important to me than is my leadership post."

Even though I suspect/hope he's not a closet racist (or an out-of-the-closet racist) I am furious that he's willing to damage his party and principles to save his ego. During the Clinton scandal, I vowed to never support an official who sacrificed my principles to protect his political life. Well Trent, you're Clinton now.


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