Thursday, February 13, 2003

Eugene Volokh often criticizes the Slate "Bushism of the Day" feature, as it takes Bush quotes out of context and exaggerates minor slips of the tongue that everyone is guilty of. Perhaps, if Slate is interested in being bipartisan, they could start highlighting similar errors by Democrats. They could start with this statement from Senator Chris Dodd, speaking in yesterday's session on Miguel Estrada:
This goes beyond Miguel Estrada. I regret he has been caught in this. He has, for whatever reason, decided to be used in this way. That is terribly unfortunate for him but far more unfortunate for this institution and the future of judicial nominations if, in fact, this becomes the platelet on how you get confirmed for a lifetime appointment: Don't answer any questions; don't respond to issues about constitutionality of various provisions.
"Nurse, nurse, two units of blood quick. This patient's templates are way too low."


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