Friday, May 02, 2003

And then there are the Google searches that simply pique my curiosity:

Gay truck stops Seattle -- Such is my state of ignorance about the world and its affairs that I had not yet imagined that there were such things as gay truck stops. Truck stops I'm familiar with, having driven many thousands of miles on the interstate highway system. But it had not occurred to me that any of them were gay (or straight, for that matter).

The possibility of Nigerians enrolling for a degree -- Well, my blog does not yet offer degrees, despite the fact that (in my humble opinion) a better education can be had from reading this blog than from some of the classes offered by our nation's universities. But if these are the same Nigerians who are responsible for 10% of my spam email, I would be happy to grant them a degree if they provide me with their bank account number. ;)


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