Monday, June 16, 2003

A Good Cause

If you have any extra cash floating around, the Grameen Foundation looks like it might be a good cause. Here's an excerpt from a Dallas Morning News article describing their work:
It is the simple things in life – planting a peach tree or sowing potatoes – that are helping some indigenous women in Chiapas pull their families out of poverty.

About 3,000 women are participating in a micro-lending program, Al Sol, in Mexico's southernmost and poorest state. A group of Dallas women are helping them do it by raising the nearly $790,000 needed for the agency, based in San Cristóbal de las Casas, to expand and become self-sufficient.

The Chiapas Project is a campaign of the Grameen Foundation USA, based in Washington, D.C., which works in partnership with the pioneering Grameen Bank. The bank fights poverty all over the world through small loans to the poor.

Dallas businesswoman Lucy Billingsley said she was moved to join the Chiapas Project because she wanted to find a way to help other women in "a personal and significant way."
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