Monday, July 14, 2003

What Would Jesus Drive?

An SUV. If you're talking about Jesus Rivera, that is:
SUV group answers 'What Would Jesus Drive?' campaign

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Frustrated by a slew of ads attacking sport utility vehicles, including religious leaders' "What Would Jesus Drive?" campaign, a pro-SUV group is launching its own ads celebrating plus-size vehicles for their safety and versatility.

In today's edition of USA Today, the fledgling Sport Utility Vehicle Owners of America is scheduled to run a full-page ad that asks, "What Would Jesus (Rivera) Drive?" The ad shows a smiling, waving man named Jesus Rivera in front of his 1995 SUV.

Rivera says he likes his SUV -- which has logged 150,000 miles -- because it gets him through the snow in winter, and his wife likes it because she can easily transport their grandchildren.

"For millions of people like Jesus Rivera, it's all about safety, utility and versatility. Maybe that's why they call them SUVs," the ad says, before urging SUV owners to protect their rights.

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