Thursday, May 20, 2004

An Op-Ed

I have an op-ed in the Dallas Morning News here. You might have to register.


Blogger Milbarge said...

I think it's an interesting piece, but I'm wondering if you place mothers seeking abortions on the same moral footing as the abusive prison guards. I grant that this is tangential to your point about documenting and displaying the results. But I think people showing torture phots are more concerned with changing the attitudes of the officers in charge and Bush and Rumsfeld, etc.; it's not like they're showing them to the guards to convince them that torture is wrong. The guards, of course, don't need pictures to see what torture looks like, and the photo-displayers probably just want them punished rather than "educated." People do show abortion photos to pregnant women, and seek to dissaude them from getting an abortion. No one is standing on the sidewalk screaming at MPs and waving posters of torture victims and consigning all the MPs to Hell.

1:27 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

Great article. One question-- the bio at the bottom says that you are a former Dallas lawyer-- have you left your job?

11:29 AM  

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