Friday, September 10, 2004

Harvard Psychiatry Prof. on C.S. Lewis

This is worth checking out, especially if you like the works of C.S. Lewis:
Armand Nicholi's 2002 book The Question of God took the question of God's existence away from the abstract arguments and placed it squarely within the personal lives of two of the greatest arguers of the 20th century: Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis and wellspring of modern atheism, and C. S. Lewis, literary critic and popular defender of the faith. Now that book has been translated into visual form for television. 'The Question of God' airs on PBS, September 15 and 22 (as they say, check your local listings).
As this book review notes, "The engaging and accessible work is based on Nicholi's 1998 centennial William Belden Noble Memorial Lectures at Harvard. Unbeknownst to Nicholi, a friend sent transcripts of the lectures to the Simon and Schuster publishing house, which then solicited Nicholi to write the book." I actually saw those lectures in person, and have read the book. All of which makes me think that this forthcoming PBS program should be excellent.


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