Monday, November 22, 2004

Supreme Court nominees

Jeffery Rosen has an interesting discussion of potential Supreme Court nominees here. He correctly notes that Michael McConnell is the “most respected conservative legal scholar of his generation, and liberals and moderates throughout the legal academy would enthusiastically support his nomination.”

* * *

This is a minor point, but when Rosen discusses Judge Sam Alito of the Third Circuit, he prefaces it with the usual remark that Alito is known as “Scalito” for his resemblance to Justice Scalia. To my mind, this prompts the question: Who has actually used the term “Scalito” in any context other than describing what other people are supposedly saying? I can’t count the number of articles I’ve seen over the past several years that claim that Alito is “known as” Scalito. But says who? Who actually calls him that?


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