Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Large Families

My friend Tom Spence of Spence Publishing (notice the icon on the left side of this blog) wrote this op-ed explaining and defending large families.

Stuart Buck


Blogger Dave said...

Spence seems ignorant about the nature of sex between people. While it nominally is used for procreation, it is, and always has been, used for pleasure as well. Spence uses a familiar trope of religious conservatives, which goes something like this: back in more innocent times, sexual relations between adults were in accordance with biblical tradition, but now, in the licentious twenty-first century, anything goes.

The history of humanity demonstrably proves that what is sexually normal in 2004 has been normal throughout history.

Spence is entitled to have as large a family as he can provide for. He is not entitled, however, to make implicit judgements about those people who disagree with his understanding of the role of sex in life.

Dave Friedman

6:13 PM  

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