Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Harvard Law Alumni Bulletin on Obama

I got my Harvard Law Alumni Bulletin in the mail yesterday, and the cover story is a breathless description of all the really important facts about Obama, such as his Stellar Career at Harvard Law School, the Professors Who Presciently Identified Obama's Importance and Have Raised Funds for His Campaign, the Amazing Renewal of Long-Expired Friendships as Former Classmates Try to Ingratiate Themselves With Obama or Anyone Close to Him, etc., etc., etc. It's no surprise that Harvard Law is giddy with excitement: it has had to endure the raw indignity of 12 years of rule by graduates of Yale, and then -- perhaps even worse -- 8 years of rule by a graduate of the Business School (I shudder even to contemplate the wracking horror of having a President who merely attended Eureka College). Time at last for vindication.


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