Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Proceed, Procession

When a wedding party proceeds down the aisle, that's a procession. Right? When and why did people start using the verb "processed" or "processing," as in "the groom is now processing"? It reminds me of a friend who said that his father used the word "conversating" instead of "conversing" . . . it's that same process of taking a verb, converting it into a noun, and then backwards converting it into a different verb that means the same thing. It's duplicative.


Blogger Roger Sweeny said...

Maybe not duplicative. As far as I know, "processing" is only used to refer to a certain kind of proceeding: slow and stately, at some formal occasion, often accompanied by music, maybe even in time to the music.

Thus, the wedding party at a wedding or the graduates at a commencement "process" into the room where the ceremony is to take place.

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