Thursday, June 11, 2009

News from the World of Science

1. Researchers found out that dogs who have been set up (wrongfully accused of misbehavior) are then seen by their owners as having a "guilty look." In other words, a dog's "guilty look" is really because of the owner's scolding, not because of any psychological feelings of guilt.

And yes, I know some dog owners who need to be reminded of the fact that their dogs are not experiencing human emotions all the time.

2. A lot of sleep-related research: Interrupted sleep contributes to gestational diabetes; sleep helps regulate emotions; too little or too much sleep is linked to being fat; staying up late is linked to lower college GPA; lack of sleep is linked to high blood pressure and risk of death.

All of this is further evidence for my point that it's really weird that some occupations have developed a cultish attachment to bragging about one's willingness to forego sleep. It's as if you were to brag about hitting your own head with a hammer.


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