Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Gifted Children

Via Geekpress, a story showing that gifted children are better at using both sides of their brains:
A recent study of adolescents with above-average math abilities found the right and left halves of their brains are apparently better able to interact and share information than the brains of average students.

"Giftedness in math, music or art may be the by-product of a brain that has functionally organized itself in a different way," said Michael O'Boyle, psychologist at the University of Melbourne and one of the study's co-authors.
* * *
Roth adds, "We have recently become aware of the striking ability of the brain to change its organization depending on experience. For example, people who are highly skilled string instrument players will have greater representation in the brain for the left hand, because special skills in the left hand are needed to play these instruments."
* * *
The authors also note other research claiming math-gifted children tend to be left-handed males who are nearsighted and have a higher than average incidence of allergy, migraine and other immune disorders.
As a left-handed male with allergies who plays a stringed instrument and who found calculus fairly easy, I can't help but like these results.


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