Friday, August 27, 2004

The Personal Heresy

Why doesn't anyone publish the little book containing a debate between C.S. Lewis and E.M.W. Tillyard, titled The Personal Heresy? I read it in college (the University of Georgia had a wonderful library), and would like to get a copy, as it's one of the few Lewis books I don't have. But Amazon didn't have it at all, and at the one place that had a few copies, the prices ranged from $59 to $395! What explains this? I can't count the number of editions I've seen of other C.S. Lewis works. Why doesn't any publisher take up this one?


Blogger Brandon said...

I suspect it's not a problem of publishers but of the C. S. Lewis Estate, which has a stranglehold on most of the rights to Lewis's works and whose reasoning has always seemed, like the peace of God, to surpass all understanding. They are a bit erratic, with (among other things) an odd tendency to keeping putting out new editions of the same essays (mixing and matching them rather arbitrarily sometimes) while not doing much to keep up with things going out of print.

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