Monday, February 27, 2006

Health insurance

Two thinkers make what seems to be an indisputably correct point that there is no good reason that health insurance should be provided by employers: Here and here.


Blogger Pauli said...

I'm really glad someone said this. I mean, other than me. I often laugh about how I had incredible health coverage, full coverage sometimes, at companies in my younger days "for free", i.e., included with my compensation, back when I was running marathons and in incredible health. Now I'm older, married with 3 kids and I'm self-employed so we have to pay for it ourselves. I'm not complaining - I net a lot more than I used to, but the point is that employers obscure a lot of real quantitative compensation by covering health insurance. I could have taken the $5,000.00+/year that those companies were shelling out for me and paid $200.00/month for single-healthy-guy insurance. Oh, well.

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