Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thought-Provoking Posts

I meant to recommend these earlier:

1. Joe Carter: "Our Tortured Silence: The Shameful Response of Christians to Waterboarding," and the followup, "Anthropos and Enemy: Further Thoughts on Waterboarding."

2. David Friedman's reflections on his experiences with unschooling: here and here. A good but unorthodox observation about "the standard model of K-12 schooling, public and private:"
1. That model implicitly assumes that, out of the enormous body of human knowledge, there is some subset that everyone should study and that is large enough to fill most of thirteen years of schooling. That assumption is clearly false. Being able to read and do arithmetic is important for almost everyone. Beyond that, it is hard to think of any particular subject which there is a good reason for everyone to study, easy to think of many subjects outside the standard curriculum which there are good reasons for some people to study.


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