Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Music

Keane's forthcoming album seems very promising, from the sound of the new video (below), which returns to the melodic piano-based pop sound of their first two albums. Tom's voice sounds stronger than ever.


 Nick Pitera, whose day job is animation with Pixar, has an amazingly versatile voice, as shown by his performance of selections from Phantom of the Opera (and no, he's not lip-syncing the female voice):

Switchfoot, which I've liked since 2000's "Learning to Breathe, has a new album, and they're even playing here locally in a couple of weeks. May have to catch that one.


 Other new stuff I've liked:

 Animal Kingdom, "Strange Attractor":

 The Shins, "Simple Song":

 Young the Giant, "Apartment":


 Pentatonix, "Somebody That I Used to Know" (remake of Gotye/Kimbra):


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