Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Blacks More LIkely to Die of Cancer: Why?

It's astonishing that this study can be described without anyone even speculating about the crucial anti-cancer role of Vitamin D:
African Americans are less likely than whites to survive breast, prostate and ovarian cancer even when they receive equal treatment, according to a large study that offers provocative evidence that biological factors play a role in at least some racial disparities.

The first-of-its-kind study, involving nearly 20,000 cancer patients nationwide, found that the gap in survival between blacks and whites disappeared for lung, colon and several other cancers when they received identical care as part of federally funded clinical trials. But disparities persisted for prostate, breast and ovarian cancer, suggesting that other factors must be playing a role in the tendency of blacks to fare more poorly.
Here is a discussion of Vitamin D and prostate cancer; here's a discussion of Vitamin D and breast cancer; and here are links to over 100 studies on Vitamin D and cancer. And given that 97% of African Americans are deficient in Vitamin D, this seems a pretty key question to look at.


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